Sunday Snippet – Taming the Tycoon by Amy Andrews

Its almost been a month since Taming the Tycoon launched and thanks to everyone who has bought, liked, taged and reviewed.  A little teaser for those who haven’t 🙂 And if you want to keep up with my blog tour where copies of the book plus a cute keychain featuring pink fluffy handcuffs are being given away then go either to my website or Entangled’s for a list of dates!

Fifteen minutes later they were crammed like sardines into a tube carriage. Addie had slowly worked them towards the far back corner and Nathaniel had followed. It was hot from the warm weather and the press of bodies but her, “I’d keep that on if I were you,” when he’d tried to remove his jacket on the platform had prevented him from cooling down.

“I think I’ve been on the Tube enough now,” he grumbled as bored strangers crowded in around them. He was shielding her with his body and very conscious of the friction between them that built with every rock and sway of the train.

“Well, let’s see if I can make it worth your while,” she whispered as her fingers undid the two buttons holding his jacket together and slid inside as it flapped open.

When her thumb brushed against his fly, a jolt went through him and his eyes narrowed. “What are you doing?”

“Groping you,” she murmured as her fingers drifted back and forth.

He looked down, her furtive moments covered by the press of their bodies and the confines of his jacket. He checked around him. People stared into space, some with ear pieces in, others read, some people lucky enough to score seats chatted.

Mostly people avoided eye contact.

His groin stirred at her light finger strokes. He felt himself thicken and grow hard as she touched him through his trousers in front of hundreds of oblivious passengers.

“You brought me on the tube to grope me?” he whispered, dropping his mouth to her ear, his eyes shutting as she squeezed his throbbing erection

Addie smiled as she pressed the flat of her palm against him. “Yup.”

The air in his lungs grew thick and heavy as he resisted the overwhelming urge to push himself into her hand. “My mother warned me about girls like you,” he said, his voice low.

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