This is Dedicated . . .

Hi everyone! Since this is my first time on the Indulgence blog I’d like to start out by introducing myself. My name is Christine Warner and my first book with Entangled Publishing will be released from the Indulgence line. As soon as I have a release date, I’ll scream it from the rooftops…so stay tuned.

I’ve been following along on several of the posts from other authors and am overjoyed that I’m surrounded by such a wonderful group.

Today I’d like to talk about dedications. I think it’s one of the little features in almost every book that is often overlooked. I always check out the dedication page when I sit down with a new book.


Because I love reading those passages, and I marvel at how a few well chosen words can say so much about the author and the people they dedicate their work to.

After my first book was accepted for publication I didn’t have to think twice about who would get the coveted dedication page. The hard part was deciding what to say without getting to wordy or to sappy. (Both bad habits of mine:-)) My sister was the tank of strength in the bumpy journey I jumped on in the pursuit of becoming a writer and then taking the final plunge into publication. I couldn’t have done any of it without her encouragement and support.

My second book, I had no other option but dedicating my work to my awesome daughter. As a baby she was my pride and joy, as she grew to a pre-teen and then a teenager we had our share of battles. She’s now a young adult, making her way out in the world. Through all the changes we’ve held one steady constant—our love for each other that has carried us through trying times and into a strong friendship.

PictureNow with my third book about ready to burst onto the horizon, again I know who exactly I will put on that dedication page as a tribute, but I worry I won’t get the words right.

Now this isn’t fair, because I’m sure you are expecting a reveal here, but I’m going to be a bit naughty and not share. I guess if you are curious to know who gets inked on the pages you’ll have to wait until Bachelor’s Special is released from Entangled Publishing. I can hardly wait!!

Are you like me and look forward to that sneak peek into an author’s thoughts by reading their dedication? Or do you skip the dedication page altogether?

I bet after reading this, you’ll check out a few if you haven’t before.

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