Hi, I’m Robyn and I’m a romance writer.

Just thought I’d stand up and announce that, set the record straight once and for all. It finally feels official now that His Unexpected Family has launched.

I’m a Melbournian and I come from a family who DO stuff. They make things, build things, and fix things. What they don’t do is sit around daydreaming, and I can guarantee none of them have ever given serious thought to writing a book. It was hoped – or so I believe – that I’d tinker with the idea of writing for a while and then give up. Surely the novelty would wear off and this nonsense about needing to write would be a fleeting phase we’d joke about in years to come.

I’m pleased to say that writing romance is not a phase, and the novelty factor has grown exponentially. I love it, and the people I’ve met, and the characters who’ve allowed me to share their journeys. But sometimes – when the cursor is mocking me or I’ve been interrupted for the second time in a minute – I wonder who else solves algebra equations mid scene. Is anyone else cooking dinner whilst helping to build the partheon, suggesting a possible location for the lost Wii remote and trying to reach the keyboard to finish a sentence that looked promising an hour ago?

My question to you is this: are you practical and resourceful or artistic and whimsical? Oh, and if you’re all of those things then please keep it to yourself – envy is something I try to avoid 😉


~ Robyn