Newbie Blood

“So, don’t you think it’s weird that anyone can read your book?” my friend asked over coffee. Well, she had coffee. I had a mimosa, and it was barely brunch time.

Sit down and join us, will you? I’m Carmen Falcone. Cancerian, dog lover, wife, and mother. I’m also a romance author, with my debut just released from Entangled last week. Can you smell my newbie blood? Perhaps only vampires and werewolves can—if that’s true, God, please make them look like the hunks from True Blood.

Well, back to answering my friend … I’m ecstatic. I love that I can share the realization of my dream with everyone.

The book is A Vengeful Affair, and I love the dramatic cover! Drama, of course, runs in my newbie blood, which might be why the True Blood hunks haven’t rung the doorbell yet. Well, it’s early, right? That type aren’t in my book, at any rate—mine is about smart, compelling heroine Vivian Foster who seeks revenge from Spanish hunk and tycoon Javier Rivera, who she believes killed her best friend.

I’ve always wanted to write a kick-ass heroine (pardon my French). Oh, and speaking of France, the book takes you on a mini-European tour, from London to Paris to Zurich and the gorgeous Swiss countryside. Any of these options sounds great to me right now. I live in Texas, where it’s unbearably hot.

A Vengeful Affair is also very hot—but its heat comes from its characters’ strong, rattled emotions. That’s what I go for when I read, and when I write. I love those twists and turns, that emotional rollercoaster.

Reader or writer, I always love to make new friends and hope to hear from you. Let’s keep in touch. Now I have to go, because the doorbell just rang and … who knows? Maybe the scent of my newbie blood has already made it to Louisiana. Ah, a girl can dream …

Until later,

Carmen 🙂